Stress from a busy lifestyle

Do you frequently suffer from stress? Then take a moment to review your lifestyle objectively, as if you were looking at yourself from a distance. How many roles do you play? Many women have multiple roles in their work, in relationships and at home. They have jobs, maintain friendships, care for their parents and children among others. All of these roles, and the associated responsibilities, require physical and mental energy. Sometimes it can all feel too much and cause stress.

Feeling responsible

It is common for many women to have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. This is evidenced by behaviors of trying to do everything perfectly. Familiar daily tasks are a good example: cleaning up a bit and emptying the dishwasher before going to bed; putting a wash load in before heading off to work; doing a couple of errands just before a meeting. Every minute is filled and this results in haste and lack of mindfulness. Add to this an excessive urge for perfectionism and a continuous feeling of failing to achieve it and you have the perfect recipe for stress.

The solution?

Of course it makes a difference if others help and you can divide some of these tasks. And it is a great benefit for women if their employer offers flexible working hours. But ultimately, the solution to these problems lies with you. Learning to let go and just letting things be now and again is a valuable life skill. So what if the house isn’t as clean as usual? Why is it an issue if you have a free evening, with nothing planned? If you can give up some control, you’ll gain more. Your mood will lift and you'll keep unnecessary stress away. This will significantly improve your vitality.

Stop the stress!

The following tips will help you relax and protect you from stress:
  • Ensuring a healthy lifestyle is important. Eat a healthy and varied diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep and relaxation.
  • Think positively about yourself. Recognize your strengths and give yourself a compliment at least once each day. It will help your self esteem.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts. If they are full of self-judgement, stop and try to refocus your thinking on positive, constructive aspects of your life. Become a person who sees that the ‘glass is half full’ rather than ‘half empty’. If you struggle to see the good in yourself, you can learn cognitive skills to help you build self -esteem. Ask your physician for advice.
  • Give someone a hug! Even a quick hug can lower your blood pressure and your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Hugging releases the hormone oxytocin, which makes you feel better.
  • Relax. Do some yoga, relaxation exercises, breathing exercises or meditation. These help relax your body and calm your mind, freeing you up for positive, stress-free thoughts.

It can be difficult to break lifelong, well-worn patterns, even if you know they are damaging to your health and well -being. Change takes time. Be patient and support yourself using natural therapies and supplements that can help your body relax from stress.

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