Weight gain

Around the time of your menstruation, you may gain weight and your abdomen may swell more than usual. This happens to most women; some notice it more than others. You may experience a temporary weight gain of up to a couple of kilos. There are multiple reasons as to why extra weight piles on so quickly in this period.

Hormonal fluctuations and fluid retention

Just before menstruation, levels of the female hormone estrogen reach their peak. This is often associated with the retention of fluids. This can give you a bloated feeling and you'll also notice this fluid retention in your weight.

You feel like eating more

Because of your hormones, you have a greater need for food during your menstruation. It's really up to you how you deal with this. If you give in to this and eat more for a couple days, then you may gain some weight. But if you eat normally for the rest of the month, then you'll simply return to your normal weight. You gain weight temporarily, not permanently. If you are adding on pounds quickly, but not losing them, you could be comfort eating and retaining extra fluids from indulging in salty or sweet snacks. If this troubles you, don't give in every time you feel a hunger pang. Treat yourself every now and then, of course, but eat and snack on healthy foods as much as possible. If you eat something healthy regularly, you'll also reduce the tendency to binge on unhealthy comfort foods.


The sofa looks like the most appealing option when you feel bloated and heavy. Nonetheless, it's precisely now that exercise is really helpful. It not only helps combat menstrual pain, it also helps burn excess calories, keeps digestion moving and reduces fluid retention. If you really don't feel well, then enjoy an evening on the couch without guilt. Tomorrow's another day.

Tip: Taking Nutri-Gyn MenstruComfort in combination with lifestyle changes helps relieve physical symptoms during menstruation.