Women often report feeling more irritable than usual during menstruation. Becoming irritated more quickly without an obvious reason can be frustrating and disruptive. Don’t give yourself a hard time about it. Rececognize the symptom and appreciate that your body is in the middle of a cycle of fluctuating hormones. This can have a direct effect on how you feel and can make you irritable.

Why do I get irritable at this time?

Around the moment of ovulation (approximately 10 days after the first day of your menstruation) your body produces progesterone. This female sex hormone prepares the mucus membrane of the uterus for the embedding of a fertilised egg cell. During this period, you often feel restful and calm. If you don't become pregnant, then the quantity of progesterone and estrogen decrease significantly and your body rejects the uterine lining together with the unfertilised egg cell: your menstruation.

Because of the strong decrease in progesterone and estrogen, you can become irritated and sensitive more quickly in the second part of your menstrual cycle, or you may start crying more quickly and experience bouts of anger. This is not the best time to resolve conflicts, conduct important discussions or make big decisions. If possible, let important decisions wait for a while.

Tip : Irritability, anger and mood swings around the time of your period are likely to be the result of hormonal fluctuations. Taking Nutri-Gyn MenstruCalm in combination with a healthy lifestyle supports yourhormonal balance.